Plans & Projects

Key infrastructure Development Projects

The state government and official councils are working together to provide high-end infrastructure facilities to the people of the Central Coast using innovative tools and techniques. Let’s have a glimpse of some major infrastructure projects:

Road & Drainage Projects

The Central Coast Council is focused on improving the current condition of roads and drainage system in and around the region. They are planning to introduce road pavement works, new footpaths; bus stops, drainage installations, bridge work, and a lot more through the Road and Drainage Project.

Water and Sewer Projects

The responsible authorities are working along with the state and local governments to improve the water and sewer facilities in each city and suburb of the Central Coast. The replacement of water and sewer pipelines in the process. The Council is also planning to upgrade Somersby Water Treat Plant, sewer pump stations and re-construction of water reservoirs.

Council Asset Projects

The Council is committed to offering an innovation plan by investing in cutting-edge infrastructure projects across the Property and Asset Management asset portfolio. From the execution of a disability inclusion plan to the installation of new playgrounds, development projects for Tuggerah Lakes to upgrading drainage systems, everything will be included in the Council Asset Project.

Digital Technology In Schools

With the sole aim to prepare students for future-driven technologies and innovation-oriented careers, Central Coast Grammar School has been including next-gen digital technology learning experience into the existing curriculum. The department is leveraging the current situation and working on introducing cutting-edge education methods to shape the future of the Central Coast, NSW.

Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative

This particular initiative is all about underlying the Central Coast’s existing strengths and acknowledging economic condition to boost the local food industry. The aim is to grow job opportunities, encourage national and international trade, and build regional business competitiveness across the Central Coast

Gosford Hospital Redevelopment

The New South Wales Government is investing $368 million to redevelop the Gosford hospital with the sole aim to deliver a next-gen health service. The project is expected to modify existing facilities, allow new treatment models and give new directions to facilitate high-quality care services to patients.

Pacific Highway- Lisarow to Ourimbah

The state government is investing $100 million to expand the highway to offer two lanes in each direction to balance the flow of traffic and provide road safety. There will be new traffic lights along with pedestrian crossing facilities at the Ourimbah Street, Walmsley Road and Teralba intersections.

M1 Pacific Motorway Upgrades – Tuggerah to Doyalson

The NSW government is constructing the $84 million Pacific Highway and Wyong Road intersection at Tuggerah. The main purpose of this project is to improve the flow of traffic by widening the motorway and rebuilding the roadway to provide a durable and smoother surface.

Wyong Hospital Redevelopment

Around $200 million will be invested in the redevelopment of Wyong hospital to improve the quality of health service. Installation of new gain main is expected to provide increased capacity for the expanded hospital.

Types of Innovation

Leading the region towards success

Innovation means the introduction of new-age technologies, improved products, upgraded processes, procedure and marketing methods, organisational processes and much more. Innovation leads to the development of the region and encourages people to live a better life.

Meetup Groups in the Central Coast

Improving the quality of life!
Technology Meetup Group

We, at Innov8Central, has created a group of technology-minded people who come together and share new ideas, discoveries, and discuss everything about the cutting-edge technologies. The main idea behind the meetup group is to collaborate technology-driven ideas to the businesses who can reach the new heights of success nationally and internationally. Those who have an interest in the following technologies and topics can join this group.

  • Web Tech
  • VR and AR technology
  • Camera Tech
  • Software engineering
  • Robotics
  • AI
  • Scalable infrastructure, etc.
Small Business Network Group

Small Businesses in the Central Coast are leveraging new-age technologies to grow the business and convert targeted customers into sales. We organise this meetup so that young and experienced businessmen share their ideas and views and build a strong relationship for better growth opportunities. The main purpose of this network group is to

  • Work on existing business operations and processes
  • Build Business relationships
  • Adopt high-end technologies
  • Grow Sales and revenues
  • Share new ideas
  • Introduce improved products and services, etc
Science and Innovation Network Group

Scientists and innovation leaders all around the Central Coast are working together in this meetup group to build high-end disruptive technology to support more than a hundred companies. From experienced business to startup, the group of scientists is committed to providing you:

  • New-age technologies
  • Creative ideas
  • Educational programs
  • Data Science Immersive Program, etc

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