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Ideally nestled on the northern fringe of Sydney and half an hour drive from Newcastle, the Central Coast is one of the most vibrant and livable regions in New South Wales, Australia. The rich diversity of breathtaking landscapes and the beautiful coastal estuary of Tuggerah Lakes make this region an ideal place in Australia to work and live. It is home to many renowned international brands, financial institutes, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, commercial and residential developments, restaurants, clubs, bars and other entertainment hubs. Over the last few years, the country is witnessing the growth in both economic and infrastructure sector of the Central Coast. The state government is continually bringing innovative projects to improve the quality of life and bring stability in the existing sectors. This transformation has massively brought prosperity and success in all the areas that are generating the GRP of the Central Coast.

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The Central Coast is a commercial & residential hub, which is continuously developing with each passing year.

Come & discover this beautiful place!

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Our Commitment

Committed to delivering precise information to our community

Our Mission

To make Central Coast a better place to live.

Our Approach

Organising events to make people of Central Coast aware of their current condition.

Our Innovation

Encourage and help researchers to discover innovative techniques for further development.

About Our Community

One of the most experienced communities!

We, at Innov8Central, provide comprehensive information about the economic, social and infrastructure development projects in the Central Coast, NSW. Our community was established with the sole aim to improve the lifestyle of Central Coast residents by boosting the quality of the regional economy. We have a team of researchers, statisticians and experienced government officials who are committed to providing you precise data related to the Central Coast Innovation Plan. We organise events to make residents of the Central Coast aware of their current condition and know everything about future-driven projects that will enhance their overall living standard and the region’s economy.  

Major Plans & Projects in the Central Coast

Innovation leads to economic growth!

The Roads and Drainage Project aims at improving year-round traffic flows and provides high-end drainage infrastructure across the Central Coast. The council is committed to delivering projects that include full road construction, kerb and gutter, road pavement works, bus stop improvisations, drainage installations and much more.

This infrastructure project involves the replacement of water and sewer pipelines, upgrading Somersby Water Treatment Plant, re-constructing water reservoirs, sewer pump stations improvisation across the Central Coast. The council invested over $51 million to deliver more than 150 water and sewer projects to make the region a better place to live.

The Central Coast Council is dedicated to providing innovation plan through investing in new and existing infrastructure projects all around the Property and Asset Management asset portfolio. The project includes the implementation of a disability inclusion plan, renovation plans for Tuggerah Lakes, Upgrading beach access and a lot more.  

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Types of Innovation

Leading the region towards success

Innovation means the introduction of new-age technologies, improved products, upgraded processes, procedure and marketing methods, organisational processes and much more. Innovation leads to the development of the region and encourages people to live a better life.

Key Attractions

Serving the Local Residents & Tourists!
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Tourist Destinations

Explore Norah Head Lighthouse, Maitland Bay Track, Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre, The Outlook Riding Academy, Erina Fair Shopping Centre and much more in the beautiful Central Coast.

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High-end living

The Central Coast is a hub of high-rise apartments, luxurious buildings and heritage cottages. It offers impeccable investment opportunities to enhance the high-end living of residents and potential property investors

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Art Central

There are numerous workshops, exhibitions and studios available in the hotspots of Central Coast. Being one of the creative hubs, you can discover new skills to support the creation of art, design and crafts.

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Marketing Research

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Strategy and Planning

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Ongoing Projects

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Central Coast
Youth Strategy 2018-2023

In the Central Coast Youth Strategy, the government is targeting those age groups who are working, studying or playing in the region. It is a long-term strategy which aims at providing direction for council instead of outlining a particular route. The program allows the young generation to take the right decision and contribute their share to the success of their community or society. This strategy simply ensures the wellbeing of young people, which not only improve their quality of life but also defines the future health of the entire population of the Central Coast, New South Wales. Acknowledging and handling heal and wellbeing issues is both economically and socially effective than dealing them in adulthood. This will benefit the whole population and make their families stronger and safer.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), health represents the stable condition of physical, social and mental wellbeing, which in turn helps the nation to grow in a better way. Since health is determined by the social and economic conditions of day-to-day life and biological scenarios, the council ensures that young people get the best advice so that they can cope with normal stress level.  

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Our Economic & Infrastructural Development
Empowering New Ideas & Technologies
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Henry Jones
Market Researcher

He runs a team of researchers. His responsibility is to collect data from reliable sources and present it with clarity.

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Ruby Brown

She has over 10 years of experience in her field

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Archer Nguyen

He organises events across the Central Coast

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Ethan White

He manages the entire administration team.

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Our Team of Professionals
Devoted, Experienced and Zealous
Central Coast Innovation : Monitoring & Research
Leading the region towards the path of success!

Accepting the new-age technologies and innovative tools in different sectors is the roadmap to success for any country. To measure the success and development phases, the renowned foundations of the Central Coast have been monitoring and research every single aspect of innovation to make the region a better place to live and work. They collect data from reliable sources, do thorough market research and develop them into results to let people know everything about the Central Coast Innovation. The monitoring program focuses on the Central Coast and analyses the impacts of innovations in the lives of people. The main goal of the Central Council and respective foundations is to identify different types of innovative activities that are playing a crucial role in improving the existing products, services, and organisational process using cutting-edge technologies. Here are some of the significant innovation projects in Central Coast, NSW:

  • Central Coast Food Innovation Initiative
  • Dial Regional Complex Flyover
  • Digital Technologies At Schools to enhance learning experience
  • Air Quality Monitoring Stations

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