Innovation Report 2013


In 2010 the Central Coast Innovation Plan was endorsed and supported by RDA Central Coast, Wyong Council and Gosford Council.
The Plan had four pillars: The Champions Program, The Gazelle Program, The Cluster Program and the Research and Monitoring component.
Central Coast Research was commissioned to monitor and report on the impact of the Innovation Plan. That report is completed after an extensive survey of 300 businesses and the 30 participants in the Champions Program. There are 20 recommendations made in the report.
The report was presented on the 16th May and both resolutions below were accepted by the regional stakeholders at the meeting. These resolutions were:

Resolution 1: That an Innovation Advisory Group be set up to address the recommendations of the report and review the Central Coast Innovation Plan.


Resolution 2: That the Innovation Advisory Group look at the Innov8Central entity and establish a governance and ownership framework that represents the best interests of the regional stakeholders and the innovation agenda.

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