About Innov8Central


Innov8Central was set up as an umbrella organisation in 2011 to implement the Central Coast Innovation Plan.


The Innovation Plan was developed by regional stakeholders with the core aim to improve the quality of life for Central Coast residents by improving the quality of the regional economy.


The Innovation Plan is made up of four key programs:

The Innovation Champions Program – educating regional business and stakeholder representatives to be more innovative. To date, 30 participants have completed the full program and 30 participants have completed the one day workshop, delivered by Dr Anton Kriz of the University of Newcastle.


The Cluster Program – contributing to the development of regional clusters including manufacturing, telework, music, social enterprise and food. Music and manufacturing in particular have gained independence as clusters by having their own boards, websites, events, business plans and strategies. Telework has had three committees: project, strategy and research working towards the development of a major telework strategy for the region.


The Gazelle Network – this has not yet commenced but will be aimed at supporting high growth regional businesses;


The Monitoring Program – a program of qualitative and quantitative research, including a representative region-wide telephone survey of 300 businesses and qualitative, case-study interviews were completed in May 2013.



Innov8Central also holds a number of events in line with the overall innovation strategy. 

The innaugral Innovation Summit held anually since 2011 and The Central Coast Economic Breakfasts along with numerous monthly events in cluster areas such as CCMC- manufacturing and Innov8Music- Music Sound Board events.

What is Innovation?

As defined by the OECD 'Innovation' is the introduction of a new or significantly improved product, process, marketing method or organisational method in business practices, workplace organisation or external relations.


Two key complementary aspects are creating something new and then make it happen.


Innovation is not Imitation!


Types of Innovation:

Two key types of innovation:

  • Radical (discontinuous or transformational) – new to the world
  • Incremental – modifications or new to your enterprise


There is also two other types:

  • Synthetic – Dell adopting online logistics


Fourth type

  • Disruptive innovation

360 degrees of Innovation model:

This is our 360 degrees of Innovation model which is taught as part of the Innovation Champions Program of workshops.






The 360 degrees of innovation model is a signature concept used by Innov8Central.
For use of the model please contact Innov8Central for permission.